MMA Betting Strategies

Putting down a wager on a fight is easy enough, but making that wager smartly is what separates successful MMA bettors from the rest. In addition to doing the necessary research (something that applies to all sports betting) bettors should keep several MMA-specific tips and betting hacks in mind when placing their wagers.

One of the first MMA betting strategies is to study the fighters’ records, training methods and fighting styles. This helps bettors determine which fighters have the best chance of winning a given matchup. In addition, it’s important to look at how the fights have been conducted in the past to understand how a particular strategy will work against a specific opponent.

Another basic MMA betting strategy is to place an over/under on the number of rounds that a given fight will last. The over/under is typically set at 2.5 rounds, so if the total of all the rounds fought falls below this amount, bettors will win the wager. The under/over can also be placed on the exact number of rounds a fight will last, which can lead to larger payout odds depending on how long the fight actually goes.

When placing a bet on a MMA fight, a bettor should always check the odds for that fight at several different online sportsbooks. This will help them compare the odds and understand how they fluctuate based on betting patterns. Mma odds are typically expressed in moneyline format, with the favorite indicated by a minus sign and the underdog highlighted with a plus sign. It’s important to know that odds can change from the moment they open until the night of the fight, and any fighter news will impact them as well.

In MMA betting, it’s important to remember that even the most popular fighters can lose. This is especially true if they do not have the skillset to defeat their opponents. Modern-day fighters are often well-rounded and train in a variety of disciplines, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, a fighter’s style may play right into their opponent’s weaknesses or the fighting conditions in a certain location can have an effect on a fighter.

Bettors should also be wary of placing a bet on a fighter just because they are a fan. This type of betting is often called “fan-driven betting,” and it can lead to poor results in the long run. Instead, bettors should look at the fighters’ fighting records and their history of losing late changes to make an intelligent MMA betting decision. In addition, they should pay attention to how a fighter’s wins have come in the past – whether it was by TKO, submission or decision. This can be an excellent indicator of how a fighter might perform in the current fight. In fact, if a fighter has lost more late changes than wins in the past, they should be considered a underdog. However, if they have a lot of wins via TKO, they should be a strong favorite.

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